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COLORCUBE Literature

This section is a ever-growing body of information about the COLORCUBE. After you build the puzzle, you may ask "what do I do with this model now?" This section answers the question many times over. From the sophisticated COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle, you can begin to understand all of the intricacies of color. Read on!

Each article is available in hard copy format. Simply print html file or download MS Word versions. Bulk quantities are for sale through Spittin' Image Software.

Poster FREE Color Poster - Take a sneak preview of the FREE GIVEAWAY that you receive with the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle.

Basics Digital Color Basics - An introduction to RGB/CMY color. See how and why the COLORCUBE makes learning about 3D Color a fun and easy activity.

Mixing Mixing Color - Do you know that the colors of the COLORCUBE are made from only three primary colors? Watch how we do it!

Models Color Models - Retrace the history of color and discover the evolution of color knowledge. Are you ready for the next paradigm shift featuring the COLORCUBE model?

Music Color of Music - Can this model of three dimensions be applied to music? You bet it can! Harmony, Melody and Rhythm make a very "colorful" space.

Prismology Prismology - Discover the nature of light and color the way that Sir Isaac Newton did. Have fun with the "prism effect" that is simulated here.

Math icon Color Math - The science of mixing color takes a bold new step with this landmark article which features a new concept called "color math." Is this color science of the future?

Color Glossary Color Theory 1 - Confused with color terminology? This Color Glossary simplifies all of the terms you have encountered on this site.

Color Theory Color Theory 2 - Once the glossary has been mastered, read this article for the advanced definitions of color terminology.

Techniques Color Theory 3 - This webpage features special techniques used to illustrate certain aspects of color such as "false coloring." Includes an analysis of an image that mimics how the Color Analyser works.

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