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No need to be shy!

Over the past two years, we have compiled a great deal of feedback about the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle and the COLORCUBE Website. If you have any comments feel free to write to Spittin' Image Software or via email. You WILL receive a response and our appreciation for helping to improve our site and products.

In addition to our "Customer Comments" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections, we hope to have a live "Message Board" operating soon. This will tremendously benefit teachers that wish to share ideas for teaching color, color and puzzle enthusiasts that may want to swap hints about how to finish the COLORCUBE Puzzle and just anyone that would like to communicate about color.

Thank you for sharing and becoming a part of the Color Community!

Customer Comments

"I just completed your 3-D Color Puzzle. Not only is it beautiful, but I admire your ingenuity in the design and construction the way, there are far more than a billion combinations. I calculate 64!/48, or 2.643478 x 10 to the 87th power." John F. Moore (PH.D., but so what!)

"Thanks very much for making a real-life model for all of us color cube fanatics to put together, tote around, and enjoy. I was carrying mine on the subway today and several people asked me about it. Kids just stare at it like it's the coolest Christmas ornament they've ever seen." - Tomas Clark, Associate Editor

"...spent the evening building [the COLORCUBE]. I absolutely love it! Being an artist in the computer world, I like how it physically represents color in the way I deal with it. I've shown it to other artists in the office as well and they are very taken with it also." - Chris V., Redmond WA

"As the Internet Marketing Manager for Antioch Publishing, I'm in charge of our website projects and am always interested in both content and presentation of websites. I have to say that I have found yours (found via recommendation from Lockergnome) superb on both counts. The design is both clean and intriguing. The content is such that I spent at least half an hour exploring without realizing it and have bookmarked it to explore some more." - R. Eschliman, Antioch Publishing

"Got the model, assembled it (without [using the] instructions), love it. It's gorgeous, educational, geometrically intriguing, technically ingenious, and a fun challenge to assemble."  - S. Kim, Adobe Systems

"I used to be an art major and although I don't completely understand this it seems really cool." kad195, PA

"I love the screensavers. I teach art and found it just when I was teaching color. This could be very useful in a classroom." kskop, OH

"You should include more detailed advice on the use of color - some web pages are glaringly hideous." amico, AB, Canada

"What a great array of colors. The hues are breathtaking, so unusual, compared to other mundane screensavers out there. Just purchased my computer, so much to learn. Need more sights like yours, to make me feel unafraid to venture out." wengerm, Canada

"I'm not really convinced but it is interesting and very well laid out. I bookmarked this page." bclassen, Netherlands

"The best part was the illusions section. I LOVE optical illusions!" b_ironfist

"Very interesting and fun. I have degree in art color and found your site delightful...bookmarked it for sending to others." fauna

"The presentation of color is always of interest. [The COLORCUBE] makes a super screensaver in our business. I like the way you have dealt with color theory. It is a very good site." kswain

"Your site is awesome. I found a link to you on Lockergnome and I spent an hour looking at all the things. I have even told my friends (that appreciate color). Thank you for all the work." prose


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This webpage is generated from YOUR feedback. Got questions about the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle, software or edutainment center? Ask us!

Entry #1: "Where can I get a COLORCUBE Puzzle? I saw it offered on television thru a 1-800 # but is it possible to buy this product online?" - Kansas City, KS, USA

Response #1: "Yes, the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is currently available through this website at For secured server purchases, please click here. Also, the 3D COLORCUBE Screensavers are available for FREE at"

Entry #2: "I'm not sure I understood the concept of the COLORCUBE - it looks rather easy to be a puzzle!" - Vancouver, BC, Canada

Response #2: "The COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is composed of 176 pieces (128 colored cube halves and 48 assembly rods). It can be surprisingly difficult when all of the colors are scrambled and because most people do not visualize colors in 3D, most beginners take at least 2-4 hours to complete it."

Entry #3: "I don't get it! Why is color 3D?"

Response #3: "Without getting too scientific, the typical human eye is capable of perceiving light with its 'cones' which detect either red, green or blue. The colors we see are merely different combinations of these three 'primary colors'. In other words, all of the colors we see are various mixtures of red, green and blue light. Hence, we have 'three dimensions' of color."

Entry #4: "How big is the COLORCUBE Puzzle once it's done? Could you show a picture with a complete set?"

Response #4: "Once complete, the COLORCUBE is approximately 9" cubic. The photo with a specific point of reference is a great idea! We'll upload one soon. Thanks!"

Entry #5: "Can't get the screensavers to work on my MAC. What's up?"

Response #5: "At present, the COLORCUBE Screensaver Collection only functions on the Windows operating systems (3.51, '95, '98, NT 4.0 and 5.0). We realize that Mac users make up a large portion of the graphics users out there but for now the previews ( of the Screensavers is the best we can offer."

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