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COLORCUBE Screen Savers in 3D!

Download the COLORCUBE Screensaver Collection for FREE! Simply click the appropriate link to either preview or download the chosen screensaver. These screensavers are designed for Windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0/2000 operating systems only. Windows 95 users will need Direct 3D to run these screen savers. (Click the button on the right to download.)

After previewing the freebies, download the "Dimensions of Color Screensaver". And don't forget about the color toy that is sweeping North America, the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle! An actual hand-held model that you build yourself. It's what all of the screensavers you see here are based upon!


Download DirectX


You MUST see the Ultimate
COLORCUBE Screensaver
Dimensions of Color

Look at what others have
done with their 'Cubes

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3D Puzzle

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Color Articles
The Basics
Teachers' Guide

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