Panel #6 – Color Mixing: Adding Cyan

Let us now introduce a method of mapping the COLORCUBE. Recall the top diagram in panel #5, "colors without cyan". Each of the 16 colors in this plane has a CMY label containing "C0" indicating "zero cyan quantity". Every color has some quantity cyan ranging from 0-100%. The colors in the COLORCUBE puzzle have one of the following cyan quantities: C0, C33, C67 and C100. We may use these quantity labels to categorize each plane. Therefore, "colors without cyan" occupy the C0 plane and colors with higher cyan quantity labels will appear on the C33, C67 or C100 planes.

The basic premise to remember when adding a primary color such as cyan with another color is that the result will be closer to the plane that contains maximum cyan. For example, adding cyan to red (top diagram in panel #6) causes the color to move toward the C100 plane. Once that plane is reached, adding more cyan moves the color directly toward the cyan cube. You will see this pattern repeatedly throughout our color mixing discussions.

Color Mixing - Cyan

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