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Welcome to the COLORCUBE Website and Edutainment Center! Discover the COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle, a unique combination of fun, art and science. Click one of the links on the above image to begin. This website features color puzzles, downloadable screensavers, a color playground and resources to help you learn about three-dimensional color. Thank you for visiting!

Colorcube and Log4j / Log4Shell:
The widely-discussed Log4j vulnerability does not affect the ColorCube Java applets. While the library in question is used in many Java applications, the Java components we have on this site are standalone, they do not link to that library, or to any other library that may link to it.

The COLORCUBE: 3D Color Puzzle is a high-end, precision manufactured model - featuring machine-milled parts (specific to .001"), the clean finish of high-impact color-injected polystyrene plastic cubes and glass-reinforced nylon rods. Once complete, the COLORCUBE is a 9" multi-function toy. Here are some of its many applications:

3D Puzzle - Fun to put together and quite a challenge because not many people know that color exists in three dimensions. Can you figure out the CORRECT "order of color"?

Construction Toy - Sort the 176 pieces, put them in order and then carefully construct the matrix of color that will dazzle your eyes and spark your imagination. This ain't the typical jigsaw; there's WAY more motor skill, finger dexterity and intellect involved!

Design/Decor Piece - Looks great anywhere, goes with every background. A simple, colorful model; a hanging mobile; a conversation piece to UNITE the artist and scientist in each of us.

Teaching Tool - The 21st Century's "color wheel". Used in EDUCATION for learning the advanced principles of color that govern the human eye, television, computers, digital printing and much more.

Software Theme - Based on the COLORCUBE, a suite of color imaging tools has been developed to understand color in all of the areas we find it in. Learn more about color harmony, conduct "what-if" scenarios and interact with exciting COLORCUBE Screensavers with this software. You may never see color in the same light again! 

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