Panel #10 – Color Categories

Colors that contain no white are located on the planes that border black. You will find that all of these colors have at least one of the following in their CMY labels: "C100", "M100" or "Y100".

In contrast, colors that contain no black are located on the planes that border white. The CMY labels on these colors will contain "C0", "M0" or "Y0". In the COLORCUBE, every interior color contains some white and some black.

It is not uncommon for colors to evoke certain emotions, feelings or meanings. Various blue colors are usually associated with the ocean or the night sky and are considered "cool". On the other hand, the red of the sun or fire is connected with heat or "warmth". The lower half of panel #10 displays the COLORCUBE with cool colors on one side and warm colors on the other. What other color categories do you see?

Categories of Color


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