Panel #11 – COLORCUBE hints

Although the 64 colors of the COLORCUBE puzzle can be connected in many ways, the true "harmonious" solution is the following:

Step 1
Recall in panel #5 the method to finding "colors without cyan". Using the CMY labels on the cubes, separate the 64 colors into "C0", "C33", "C67" and "C100" categories. You will have 4 groups of 16 colors each with a specific cyan number.

Step 2
Sort these groups into 4 rows of magenta numbers: "M0", "M33", "M67" and "M100" and 4 columns of yellow numbers: "Y0", "Y33", "Y67" and "Y100". The result should be 4 organized planes of color as in panel #11.

Step 3
Once the cubes are in order, the rods are inserted and locked into place with a twist. Each rod holds 4 cubes and it is essential that the rod holes line up the in same way.

Step 4
The planes themselves are attached by inserting the remaining rods into the remaining holes, which should all be aligned. You have completed the COLORCUBE when all 64 colors are displayed harmoniously in three dimensions.

Hints for the COLORCUBE Puzzle

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