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Panel #12 – Color Glossary

A summary of the basic color terminology used in the COLORCUBE poster is listed here.

Hue - the dimension of color that specifies a position in the visible spectrum. Eg. A hue of "red" is visually distinct from a hue of "yellow".

Value - the dimension of color that measures lightness or darkness. Eg. Primary yellow has "high value" and appears lighter than primary magenta.

Chroma - the dimension of color that identifies the colorfulness or amount of identifiable hue in a color. Eg. Red on a fire engine is highly chromatic. All gray colors are non-chromatic or "achromatic".

Tint - the lightening of a color resulting from the addition of white.

Shade - the darkening of a color resulting from the addition of black.

Primary Color - a pure hue that cannot be reproduced by mixing other colors. Eg. Red, green and blue are primary "additive" colors (projected light). Cyan, magenta and yellow are primary "subtractive" colors (reflected light).

Color Complement - "complementary colors" are found on opposing sides of the COLORCUBE'S center and produce gray when mixed in equal amounts.

COLORCUBE - 3D color puzzle and model available exclusively through Spittin' Image Software, Inc.

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