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Ken Davies Ken Davies, Corporate Raider

Inventor of the COLORCUBE 3D Puzzle. In this *unique* garb, you can see that Ken is quite obviously the driving force behind this organization. Having recently migrated from this Hagar-persona, he has become the one-and-only: Dr. COLORCUBE.

Charles Charles Wangersky, Man o' the Morrow

Resident Wonder of the World. It is simply frightening the stuff this man is able retrieve from his memory archives. As senior developer and debugger for Spittin' Image Software, Charles also acts as a consultant on the COLORCUBE project.

Winston Winston Wong, Cube Vertex

Point Man on the 'Cube. Brought aboard to make the COLORCUBE fly, Winston has watched the product move from "hand-made model" to 3D assembly toy displaying the most stunning array of colors on the face of plastic.

Dejan Cecar Dejan Cecar, Kid Calculus

Animation whiz and Java Scriptaholic. "Dan the Man" is making quite an impressive name for himself, and if the COLORCUBE Screen Saver Collection is any indication, he's just getting started.

Marcus Marcus Bowcott, Paletteer (with daughter)

Artist, instructor, writer. The Crusade to bring the COLORCUBE into the art classroom has been taken up by 'Cuss', a true pioneer of leading edge color education.

Peter Gron

Peter Gron, Satellite Skipper

Troubleshooter in Motion. After compiling the new set COLORCUBE software utilities now available exclusively on this Website, Captain Gron is more than entitled to a little time on the high seas.

Coming Soon! Ikoso Kits, Assemblers, Aeon Pacific
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