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Color is a complex phenomenon that makes each person's experience of color distinct. As a result, we often have difficulty in communicating about color. This website is partially dedicated to overcoming this by defining color terminology using the COLORCUBE as the standard model for visualizing color concepts. Since we do not claim to be the utmost authorities on color, we invite you to challenge and debate our statements about the "dimensions of color".

Dimensions of Color: Additive and Subtractive

Description - Inside the COLORCUBE - Behaviour - Relationship with other dimensions
Chroma - Hue - Luminance - Saturation - Value - RGB/CMY


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Diagrams featuring Additive and Subtractive Color Spaces

Description: Additive light creates certain primary colors. Subtractive reflectance has its own primary colors.


Inside the COLORCUBE: Graphs of RGB move away from black in three dimensions with RGB axes. Graphs of CMY move away from white in 3 dimensions.

Behaviour: As light increases, as paint absortptive material increases.

Alternate terms: projection, reflection/absorption

Examples: Additive = computer monitor, television, human eyes. Subtractive = color printers, dyes, paints

Red Planes

Green Planes

Blue Planes

Cyan Planes

Magenta Planes

Yellow Planes

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